SCOPE OF PRACTICE: At Amor A Mí, we are Licensed/Certified professionals and hold to the highest standards of the American Massage Therapy Association and the California Association Massage Therapy Council. Massage Therapy is a profession in which the practitioner applies manual techniques and may use adjunctive therapies to affect the health and well-being of the client positively. Massage therapists do not diagnose, nor do they prescribe for medical conditions.

RESPECT FOR CLIENT NEEDS AND BOUNDARIES: At Amor A Mí, we are happy to adjust pressure, musical volume, work longer on an area, or move on if you request it. We understand when we are in your home, we will come across other family members, children and pets; at Amor A Mí are highest priority is to give our clients therapeutic relaxation regardless of the massage they choose. Any conversations with family members or clients are preferred before or after a session. We will respect your homes, family members, and rules; if any (For example, no shoes in the house), we will work around them to the best of our capability. The client may choose to refuse any massage methods and stop the massage at any time.

PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES: Requests for sexual activity will not be tolerated, it will be viewed as a solicitation and reported to the proper authorities. A client will not be rescheduled if this occurs, and your calls will be blocked or ignored. The breast and genital area will not be massaged under any circumstances. A professional draping will be in place at all times; distance will be maintained from these areas. Privacy will be given before getting on the table and after session is complete.

CONFIDENTIALITY AND CONVERSATION: The discussion between the therapist and the client is confidential. The client may or may not choose to talk during the massage. We are happy to listen to your conversation and share our professional expertise, but it is preferred before or after a session.

EXISTING AND NEW MEDICAL CONDITIONS: It is the responsibility of the client to keep the massage therapist informed of any medical treatment currently being taken and to provide written permission from the physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc., that the massage may be performed. The client must also keep the massage therapist informed of any changes in health conditions.