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Scheduling your appointment: First we will answer any question you may have. Next, we will agree on a time and date then you will be required to complete a health intake form and a general liability form (found here, You should be as thorough as possible on this form, as some medications and conditions could be contraindicated for massage therapy. If forms are not received within 48 hours of session, your reservation will be canceled.

The day before: You will receive a text reminder of our appointment. In this message I will be reminding you of the space required of a minimum of 10ft by 6ft. Also very important the day before and the day of your massage, you should make sure you are hydrated. This allows for more pliable muscle tissue and a faster recovery after your massage. However, if you are severely dehydrated, you may feel some stiffness after your massage. 

The day of: Your therapist should arrive with all things necessary for your massage. For example the massage table, linens, and lotion, music, and thermometer. You will direct them to your home's set-up location for the massage. This can be anything from your living room, bedroom, dining room, whichever provides adequate space. [Personal choice] You may want to silence your phone and let your loved ones (or frequent visitors) know you will be in a massage and would like to remain undisturbed. The goal is to relax and focus on the touch and treatment from your therapist, uninterrupted.

Your therapist should then talk to you about what you'd like to focus on, what's hurting you etc. Once your ideal massage treatment/goal has been established, you will be instructed to dress down to your comfort level (During this time therapist will step aside and wash her hands to her elbows) and lay on the table under the sheets while you await for your therapist to reenter the room.

If at any time during your massage you feel...

  • There's too much pressure,
  • too little pressure,
  • music is too loud/quiet,
  • pain in an area,
  • uncomfortable with a the technique/stretch,
  • table is too hot,
  • Anything that is causing your discomfort,
  • SAY SOMETHING, please.

After Session: Your therapist will step out of the room and wash up while you get clothed. Once you give the O-K to reenter, your therapist will check in with you on how your feeling, specifically how your problem areas are feeling. We will let you know if we found any other areas of high tension. We may even suggest some at home self-care techniques or stretching you can do.

As they pack up their gear, this is a good time for you to get your payment ready and get a date in mind for your next appointment.

Once everything is packed, payment is made, and your next appointment is set (if applicable), they will be on their way!

Your homework: drink water! Again, hydrating after massage is very important in order to not feel post-massage stiffness.


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